The 'Eye of the Vedas'

Vedanga Jyotish or Vedic Astrology is the science of connecting events to understand the causal relationships between various actions. It builds up on the fundamental principle that everything in this universe impacts all else in a quantifiable manner. The Atharva Veda sums it up beautifully as:
"यत् पिण्डे, तत् ब्रहामण्डे" (As it is below, so it is above).

The scope of Vedic Astrology ranges from Horoscopy and Vaastu to Remedies and Rituals. A horoscope is the snapshot of the planetary alignment at any given moment in time, for a particular location. Since the ‘moment of initiation’ itself determines the destiny of any entity, so an analysis of this ‘moment’ can tell how the subsequent events will unfold for that person or event.

When this horoscope is created for the moment of birth of a person, it is called the Birth Chart or Natal Chart. If created at the initiation of an event, it is called the Event Chart or Muhurta Chart. If created at the time when a query is raised, it is called the Query Chart or Prashna Chart.

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Portfolio of Services

Horoscope Consultation

The horoscope is the window to a person’s life with the capability to answer all queries that a person may have. A horoscope reading consists of an exploration of your current life and what to expect in the future from the different areas. It includes an analysis of career, health, marriage, relationship, future prospects, overall good/bad times and any query that the person may be interested in knowing. Depending on what type of consultation, the scope of it may vary.

Muhurta Selection

Muhurta is the art of selecting a time for a specific work to get to the desired outcome. It is the absolute perfection of astrology where a particular time/date (muhurta) is chosen such that it avoids obstacles, challenges, and any concerns that the person has. Anything from starting a business to filling up an admission form or getting married, if done in a favorable Muhurta significantly minimizes any possible negative consequences.

Prashna Analysis

A Prashna consultation includes analysis of a query to which the person needs an answer. It is not focused around the horoscope or the person’s life but the situation in specific. Questions about how a situation is going to turn out, what will be the outcome, how to approach a problem are usually covered under Prashna. In essence, if you have any situation or question around you that you need clarity on, it is a Prashna (Query) consultation that would help.

Remedial Suggestion

Often it is not actually a discussion or understanding of a situation that one seeks from an astrologer but a direction or path to come out of a specific problem that one is facing. The remedies consultation includes an analysis of the solution and the approach to overcome the issue, both in the short term or in the long run. The scope of remedies are not just limited to talismans or vedic rituals, but also actions or decisions that a person needs to resolve their problems .

About Arsh

Despite having both parents as stalwart astrologers, turning into a professional was the last thing on Arsh’s agenda. Perhaps destiny gave a wry smile and let time chart its own path. And so, on a freezing December evening in 2016, Arsh wrote his first post, anonymously, on a social media forum.

Over a thousand posts followed, along with incredible love and admiration from people. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, it is almost impossible to talk about contemporary Vedic Astrologers and miss out on Arsh Mishra in the discussion.

In his own words:

"I have been learning astrology from my parents for over 15 years and sharing the same through consultations, courses and writings for about 5 years now. I do not like to call myself a guru or a mentor because it is still a long way to perfection for me. I’m just a practitioner who has been working in the field of astrology and trying my best to help others with whatever knowledge and experience I have gathered so far.

For me, this journey is as exciting as the destination."